Apple Juice Recipes

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is a popular saying for a reason, because apples are extremely healthy and important food to include in your diet. Their effects can be highly impactful on the body, and their tastes is a treat for the taste buds. This is one of the more popular fruits that people use in their juicer as they can be used to cover the taste of less palatable ingredients. Below is a comprehensive look at some health benefits associated with this wonder fruit’s juice.

• Promotes the heart
• Helps prevent asthma
• Helps in revitalizing eye creams
• Improves the dental health
• Makes the bones strong and healthy
• Boosts the immune system
• Offers a solution for constipation
• Helps reduce the cholesterol content in the body

The apple juicing recipes outlined below are meant to help you kick start your quest to get maximum benefits that come with drinking apple juice.

Recipe #1: The Apple Limeade


• 3 small apples
• 7 spears asparagus
• 1 unpeeled small lime

This recipe yields up to a maximum of 5 servings

The above recipe is excellent if you want a juice that will cleanse you body. Consider using the lime unpeeled for maximum benefits. Do not be bothered with the taste, the apple flavor will ensure that the resultant juice tastes great. Depending on the number of people being served, you may consider increasing apples to three cups, the asparagus to 2 chopped cups but still maintain the one unpeeled lime.

Recipe #2: The Mini Collard Apple


• 1 Apple
• 4 large leaves of collard greens
• 1 Knuckle ginger

This recipe yields up to a maximum of 4 servings

This recipe may not contain a lot or ingredients, but the resultant juice is sweet and comes with a mild taste to add a spicy flavor. The presence of some collard greens in the recipe increases the body’s ability to absorb the juice and all the vitamins it has to offer. In addition, the juice has unique taste that sets it apart from other apple juicing recipes. If you want to get more than the 5 servings, you may consider doubling the ingredients but keep the ginger less than one ounce.

Recipe #3: The Apple Celery Juice


• 1 apple
• 6 stalks of celery
This recipe yields up to a maximum of 4 servings

If you have been on a vigorous workout session and want a juicing recipe that will create something to leave you rejuvenated, the apple celery juice might be what you need to drink. The celery content in this recipe supplies your body with plenty of electrolytes and helps it stay re-hydrated due to the high level of minerals. You may consider adding the apples up to 2 cups and the celery up to 3 chopped cups if you want a recipe that will give you more than the 4 servings.

Apples are highly versatile and feature in almost every other recipe, whether vegetable or fruits. When selecting the apples to include in your recipe, ensure that you choose the ripe ones. Avoid apples with wrinkled skin as this may be an indication of being overripe. Avoid peeling the apples because the fruit’s outer skin is also loaded with minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to the overall well-being of the human body. Most of the best rated juicers should be apples to handle just fine. Below is another juicing recipe which makes use of the apple.