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Breville 800JEXL Review

The 800JEXL is Breville’s popular higher end centrifugal juicing machine that comes with a hefty 1000W two speed motor that can plow through just about any type of fruit or vegetable it encounters.  Its high and low settings let you adjust the speed of the cutting disc to maximize juice yield from various types of foods.  The Juice Fountain Elite is engineered with high grade materials, and like all Breville juicers, it is designed for those who want a fast, easy to use, and powerful machine to make juicing as convenient as possible.

This model has gotten impressive reviews from customers and it continues to be one of the best centrifugal juicers on the market today. It does have some weaknesses, but for those that want the best fast juicer available, the Breville 800JEXL is definitely worth a closer look.


Speed:  With a robust motor that can move the juicing disc at up to 13,000RPM, hard fruits and veggies do not stand a chance.

Construction:  Well built with stainless steel parts and a titanium reinforced cutting disc.

Clean Up:  Simple to disassemble, rinse parts, and reassemble.


Leafy Veggies:  It is not great at getting the most out of leafy foods such as spinach, kale, and wheatgrass.

Noise:  A common complaint with centrifugal type juicers.  The high RPM at which the machine operates can generate a fair amount of noise.

Price:  This is one of the more expensive centrifugal machines currently available.


brev-800jexl-41000Watt Motor:  The powerful motor enables the 800JEXL to juice a wide variety of produce with extreme speed.  The high setting spins the cutting disc at a whopping 13,000 revolutions per minute and is ideal for harder fruits and veggies like carrots, beets, and apples.  The low setting reduces the speed of the blade to 6,500 RPM to get the most out of softer foods.

Stainless Steel Construction:  Another aspect of the 800JEXL that makes it stand out is the stainless steel components.  Not only does this lend itself to a well built machine, but it also adds to the modern look and design of the juicer.  The cutting disc is also plated with titanium for added strength and juicing power.

Large Feed Tube:  The feed chute on this model, along with the rest of Breville’s line of centrifugal juicers, is three inches wide and able to accommodate whole fruits and vegetables.  This reduces the need to pre-cut foods into smaller pieces, and it saves on prep time.

Uncomplicated Clean Up:  This is an important area for every juicer, and the Juice Fountain Elite was designed to be as effortless to clean as possible.  The few parts that need to be washed are easy to take apart and a simple rinsing is usually all that is needed.  Some parts are dishwasher safe.  The juicer also comes with a cleaning brush to help get the job done.

Safety First:  This unit also comes with a locking arm that must be engaged in order for it power on.  This helps ensure everything is securely in place for safe operation.  There is an overheating protection mechanism as well that will automatically turn the juicer off should it become overworked.  This helps prevent damage to the motor.

Large Containers:  Large pulp and juice catchers let you juice a lot at once without having to constantly change them out.  The 34 ounce juice container also has a lip designed to catch any foam that ends up in the juice as you pour.

Owner Response

User feedback for the Juice Fountain Elite has, for the most part, been rather impressive.  This is a popular juicer with a staggering number of customer reviews.  Some of the more common aspects of this model that get mentioned the most by owners include the following:

What Owners Like

Speed:  This is usually a significant reason that a lot of customers end up buying this juicer, and it gets a lot of praise for how quickly it gets the job done.  Users are thoroughly pleased with the 800JEXL in this regard.

Clean Up:  Having a fast juicer is a waste if cleaning the machine takes forever, and owners really appreciate how easy this unit is to clean.  The included brush and the design of the components help make this a simple process.  This juicer usually gets very high marks from owners in this area.

No Pulp:  A lot of reviews also mention how relatively pulp-free the final product is.  The 800JEXL does a nice job of separating the pulp from the juice and this is another aspect that gets high praise from owners.

Design:  Even though how well a juicer performs is always the most important factor, the look and feel of this model is something that gets mentioned quite often.  Folks really like the modern styling of this juicer and how nice it looks in their kitchen.

Overall Performance:  The entire juicing process, from start to finish, is simple and straight forward and owners like using this juicer on a daily basis.

What Could Be Better

Juice Yield:  Some owners find that juice yield on leafy greens could be better.  Even on the slower speed setting foods like kale and spinach end up getting shredded by the fast moving blades and passed to the pulp catcher without being fully juiced.  The pulp with these types of foods was not as dry as desired.

Frothy Juice:  There were also some owners that expressed concern with how much foam ended up in the juice catcher.  Moving at such high speeds introduces a lot more air into the juice, and it can lead to foam ending up in the pitcher.

Noise:  Something that we see in just about all centrifugal juicer reviews is just how much noise these types of juicers produce, and the 800JEXL is no different.  Breville juicers are fast and powerful, but they also are not quiet machines.  This is something to keep in mind if noise is a major concern.

Price:  This is one of the pricier Breville models and while it is worth it for most owners, it is not perfect for every budget.  A better option for those looking to save a little is the JE98XL as it has a lot of what the 800JEXL has to offer, but at a lower price point.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a fast, well built, and easy to clean juicer then the Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Plus is definitely worth consideration.  It is equipped with plenty of power to get the job done quickly and efficiently.  Owners scores for speed, ease of use, and easy clean up are exceptionally high.  This juicer will cut through the hardest fruits and vegetables with supreme ease which makes it perfect for anyone who does not have a lot of time to spend juicing.

Despite some of its imperfections and its higher starting price point, the 800JEXL is still one of the best customer rated juicers on the market.  Its overall customer scores typically range in the mid to very high 4’s out of 5 stars and it is one of our most highly recommended juicers.

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Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite

Juice Quality
Clean Up
Final Thoughts

The 800JEXL is a true beast of a juicer that has impressed, not only for its speed, but for how easy it is to use. Clean up is a breeze and the unit is well built with modern styling. Some of the areas where it does not excel are in its ability to juice leafy greens effectively, and the amount of noise that it produces. If these are not important factors for you, then this machine may be the perfect option.

Overall Score 4.7