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Breville BJE510XL Review

The Breville BJE510XL is one of the top mid-range centrifugal juicers currently available.  This model is equipped with a 900W motor that can be adjusted to five different speed settings.  This allows users to fine tune the juicer according to the type of fruit or vegetable being juiced in order to optimize the juice yield. For harder foods, set the speed to 5, and for softer fruits you can lower it to 1.  The speeds are displayed on an easy to read LCD display.

Besides variable controls and a modern display, the BJE510XL is also a top performer.  It features an extra wide 3″ feed tube that is center mounted right over the cutting disc.  This lets users drop whole apples and larger sized foods into the unit without the need to cut them into smaller pieces.  The high spinning action of this centrifugal juicer also makes quick work of anything that is fed into the machine.  Titanium reinforced cutting blades are strong, durable, and easy to clean.

This is yet another high quality juicer by Breville that gets excellent reviews from owners.  Solid construction, fast juicing, and easy clean up are some areas that get the highest amount of praise.


Speed and Control:  This juicer get things done quickly.  With variable speed controls it also lets users fine tune the speed to match the hardness or softness of foods.

Design:  Stainless steel construction and a modern LCD display make this juicer stand out from others in its class.


Leafy Veggies:  As with most other centrifugal juicers, juice yield from leafy green vegetables is not the best.

Noise:  Again another common trait with centrifugal juicers, the higher speed that these types of juicers operate at can produce a lot of noise.


brev510-content900Watt Motor:  Extremely fast and powerful, the BJE510XL comes with enough horsepower to make quick work of any thing that you want to juice.  Great for hard fruits and vegetables such as apples and carrots.

5 Variable Speeds:  For greater flexibility and control, this juicer also has five different speed settings so you can adjust the RPM depending on the hardness or softeness of what you decide to juice.  This can help maximize the amount of juice that is extracted from certain types of produce.  A great feature for those that would like the ultimate control over the juicing process.

LCD Display:  A sleek and modern display shows the different speed settings as well as what type of fruits and veggies are recommended for each speed.  This is something that really sets it apart from other juicers.

High Grade Materials:  The housing, mesh filter and cutting disc are all stainless steel and the blades are reinforced with titanium.  Heavy duty polymers are also used to ensure a solid juicing machine that is built to last.  Sturdy construction with durable materials.

Safety:  A locking arm prevents the unit from operating until all parts are secure.  Overheating protection will turn off the juicer automatically to prevent damage to the motor should things get too hot.

Wide Feed Chute:  A large feed tube enables users to drop in bigger pieces without having to cut them up into tiny bits in order to fit into the juicer.  Juice whole carrots or apples with ease.  Less prep time leads to a faster juicing process.  The chute is also centered over the cutting disc to help reduce vibration and keep the juicer steady.

Accessories:  This model also comes with a  brush to help clean the mesh filter which should be washed by hand after use.  A large pulp collection container lets users juice a lot at once without having to constantly empty the discarded pulp.  A large juice container also has a lip that helps keep froth out of your glass when pouring.

Owner Response

As with most of Breville’s other models, the BJE510XL has gotten extremely favorable reviews from owners.  Customers keep showering this juicer with positive feedback and appreciate how well it performs and how simple it easy to use on a daily basis.  However, there is no such thing a perfect juicer, and despite its high owner ratings, there are a few things that some users wished were a little better.   Some of the positive and negative aspects that appear most often in customer reviews include:

What Owners Like

Speed:  This unit is fast and for owners without a lot of time to juice everyday, this is a huge advantage.  The large feed chute and powerful motor is a high point of praise for a lot of customers.  Hard fruits and vegetables are no match for the BJE510XL and users are amazed with how well this juices a wide variety of foods without any slow downs.

Variable Speeds:  Most juicers offer one or two speeds, but having a little more control was something that a lot of owners like to have.  This was a nice plus for a large number of users and something that works as it is intended.

Wide Feed Chute:  No one likes to spend time cutting up their fruits or veggies into small pieces just so they can fit inside the juicer.  Having a large opening that can accommodate whole apples or cucumbers was something that users really love.  A significant time saver that continues to get a fair amount of praise from customers.

Sturdy Construction:  Reading through hundreds of reviews of this model and one thing that owners mention a lot is how well this unit feels while operating and how well it is built.  Durable materials that produce little vibration make this juicer very stable.

Easy To Clean:  Very few parts need cleaning and some are dishwasher safe.  The hardest part is the mesh filter, but owners find that the included brush does a great job of handling this.  Users comment quite frequently on this aspect of the juicer and like how simple it is to keep clean.

What Could Be Better

Leafy Green Vegetables:  This is a common drawback of centrifugal juicers.  Getting exceptional juice yield out of items like kale, lettuce, cabbage and wheatgrass is not a strong point of this model.  It will get juice out of these types of foods, but it won’t do as well as a masticating juicer in this area.  Some users find that running the pulp through the juicer one or two more times can help increase the yield.

Softer Fruits:  Even though this juicer comes with a slow setting, the cutting disc still moves at a very high speed.  Softer fruits may not perform as well and might get ejected before getting all the juice out.  Some owners wished that it did a better job in this regard.

Noise:  Since this unit’s cutting disc spins at such a high rate of speed, even on the slow setting, it is going to produce quite a bit of noise.  It is less noisy than some of the cheaper centrifugal juicers, but it is still noticeably loud.  This is common to this type of juicer.

Bottom Line

The Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain is a versatile, fast and efficient juicer and another shining example from the Breville line of centrifugal juicing machines.  It has been widely received by owners who really like everything that this unit has to offer.  “Very Fast”, “Easy to Use” and “Easy to Clean” are phrases that show up quite often when reading through its numerous customer reviews.  For those that want a simple, convenient, and modern juicer that gets the job done fast, then this would be an excellent choice.  Owners scores are typically in the mid to high 4’s out of 5 stars.

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Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain

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Final Thoughts

This juicer delivers features and performance not seen in many other models. It offers up excellent performance to along with modern design. For a mid-range juicer, the BJE510XL gives owners tremendous value. Excellent centrifugal juicer.

Overall Score 4.5