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Breville BJE820XL Review

The Breville BJE820XL Juice Fountain Duo is the company’s top end juicer in their Juice Fountain series.  The “Duo” refers to the dual discs that can be used with this machine.  It comes with a standard juicing disc, and a puree disc, which is used to get the most out of very soft fruits.  This model is also equipped with a monster 1200Watt motor with five speed adjustable controls.  Modern design and quality materials really set this apart from others in its class.  This is a high end juice extractor that also comes with a high end price.

Despite its higher cost, this model has gotten impressive reviews from owners who love how this juicer performs with a wide range of fruits and vegetables.  It is an extremely fast machine that is easy to use and clean.  The puree aspect seems a little gimmicky for some users.


Speed & Power:  With the biggest motor Breville offers, this juicer mows through just about anything that is dropped into it.

Easy Clean Up: Breville has designed all of their juicers to be as easy to clean as possible, and the BJE820XL is no exception.

Adjustable Speed Control:  This lets you customize how fast the cutting disc spins according to the hardness or softness of the fruits and vegetables being juiced.  This helps maximize juice yield.


Noise:  Fast juicing often leads to a noisier machine, something quite common for centrifugal juicers.

Leafy Vegetable Performance:  Another common complaint for these type of juicers is how it handles leafy greens such as kale and spinach.  The juice yield is slightly lower than a masticating juicer.

Price:  The added puree disc and adjustable controls may not justify the higher price for some.

Juicer Features

BJE820XL_berries._V398861990_1200Watt Motor: Powerful enough to handle the toughest fruits and veggies with ease, the BJE820XL includes the most powerful motor of any Breville juicer.  It was engineered to be a workhorse.

5 Variable Speeds:  For optimal juice yield, the robust motor can be adjusted to operate at five different speeds according to what type of produce you are juicing.   For hard fruits, like carrots, you can set the speed to 5.  For softer foods you can set the dial down to 1.  Speed ranges from 6000RPM up to a blistering 13,000RPM.

Large Feed Chute:  Common to all Breville juicers, the 3″ wide feed tube can handle whole apples, carrots, and cucumbers without having to be cut into smaller pieces.  This is a great time saver that helps cut down on the overall prep time.

High Grade Materials:  This juicer was built to last and perform.  A die cast metal body gives this model an extremely solid and steady feel.  A stainless steel mesh filter, and a cutting disc reinforced with titanium help make this unit quit durable.

Easy to Clean:  All parts are simple to take apart and clean, and a brush is included to take care of the mesh filter.

Modern Design:  Not only does the BJE820XL perform well, but its sleek styling and polished look are a real eye catcher that makes it stand out in any type of kitchen.

Owner Response

There are not nearly as many customer reviews of the BJE820XL as some of Breville’s other models, probably due to its higher price, but the feedback from owners is generally very favorable.  Mixed in with all of the positives from owners are a few negatives that some users wished were better.

What Owners Like

Fast Juicing:  This is one aspect that probably gets the most praise from owners.  With its beefy motor and high spinning cutting discs, juicing speed with this model is quite impressive.

Construction:  With strong, durable materials such as die-cast metal, stainless steel and titanium, owners really appreciate how well built this juicer feels.  It is a very solid and stable juicing machine.

Variable Speeds:  Users seem to really like this feature as it gives them greater control over the juicing process and they can harness the power of the juicer to their advantage.  Starting the juicer on the low setting and increasing it when needed, according to the hardness of what is being juiced, is something that a lot of owners feel is worth the price of the machine.

Wider Feed Chute:  Less prep time is something appreciated by just about everyone.  Being able to drop in large bits or whole foods has been a huge plus.  This is one aspect that owners tend to rave about in their reviews of the product.

Clean Up:  This is another important factor that people look at before buying a juicer, and the BJE820XL performs quite well in this regard according to users.

Juice Quality:  The end product tastes great and most users really like that the juice hardly contains any pulp.

What Could Be Better

Noise:  This unit can be loud, especially on the highest setting, and some owners were not expecting this.  It is not all that strange to see noise complaints associated with centrifugal juicers.  They are fast, but they can also be a little noisy.

Poor Leafy Green Performance:  Some owners noticed that when juicing the likes of lettuce, spinach, kale, or wheatgrass, that larger chunks would end up in the pulp catcher and not be juiced completely.  Juice yield from these types of foods were somewhat disappointing for a few users.

Juice Yield:  Besides leafy vegetable performance, there have been a few owners who have voiced their concerns about juice yield in general with finding some larger chunks of different foods in their pulp catcher.

Price:  A few owners felt that the puree disc really was not of any use to them, or they felt that it just was not worth the higher price even though they were happy with the juicing aspect of the machine.  A slight step down to the Breville 800JEXL is a better option to those trying to save a little money.

Bottom Line

The Breville BJE820XL Juice Fountain Duo is an extremely capable juicer.  After reading through all of the customer reviews and feedback, we have found that “fast”, “efficient”, “well built” and “easy to clean” are sentiments that show up quite often.  This model has a lot of positives that ultimately have it rated so high.  For those looking for a beast of a juicer and don’t mind a little noise or the higher price, then this may be worth considering.  Owners scores typically range from the mid to high 4’s out of 5 stars.

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Breville BJE820XL Juice Fountain Duo

Juice Quality
Clean Up
Final Thoughts

The is Breville's top of the line model. As a juicer, it scores very high with owners as it is extremely fast, easy to clean, and it produces a quality juice. It also offers the added function of being able to make smoothies and purees with the inclusion of a special disc. Probably not worth the added cost, but a nice bonus to a solid juicer.

Overall Score 4.6