Breville juicer reviews and ratings 2017

Breville Juicer Reviews

Breville makes some of the most popular and best rated centrifugal juicers that you can buy. With a dedication to designing modern, reliable, and efficient small kitchen appliances, Breville has earned a world wide reputation for quality. Their line of centrifugal machines offers users a fast and convenient way to juice by giving you a juice extractor that is easy to use, simple to clean, and dependable.  If you are currently looking to get into juicing but you don’t have a lot of time to spare, then you can’t go wrong with a Breville juicer.  While they do sell a masticating model, their centrifugal juicers is where they truly shine. With thousands of positive customer reviews, the company has built up quite a reputation with owners. Below you will find all of the current models being sold today.


Best Breville juicer on the market



4.7Featuring a 1000Watt motor, this model cuts through anything dropped into it with ease.  With a low speed setting for softer foods and a high speed setting for harder fruits and vegetables, the 800JEXL is versatile enough to get the most out of a wide range of produce.  With a stainless steel body, an extra wide feed chute, and exceptional performance, this juicer has been a huge hit with owners.  It gets high marks from users for its speed, design, and ease of use.  A high end speed demon.


Breville juicers ratings



4.6This is one of Breville’s best selling juicers and it excels in providing impressive performance at a mid-range price point.  This model comes with an 850Watt motor that has two speed settings.  While the body is made from durable polymers, the cutting disc and mesh filter are stainless steel.  It also features Breville’s signature wide feed chute that is centered over the juicing disc.  For those looking for a top quality juicing machine at a more budget-friendly price, the JE98XL is a great option.


2017 Breville juicers reviews



4.6The BJE820XL Juice Fountain Duo features Breville’s most powerful motor.  The 1200Watt workhorse comes with 5 adjustable speed settings so you can juice any type of produce and get the most efficient results.  Use the lower setting for softer fruits and the higher settings for harder vergetables.  This model also comes with an extra disc that lets you make fruit smoothies.  With a modern and durable stainless steel design, this Breville juice extractor is built for years of high quality juicing.


Breville juicing technology



4.5This model stands out due to its 5-speed 900Watt motor, as well as its modern LCD display. For greater flexibility while juicing you can select between the five different speeds according to the hardness or the softness of the foods you are juicing. The variable speeds let you improve the efficiency of the juicing process and maximize juice yield. Modern design, good performance, and ease of use have led to very high owner ratings for the BJE510XL. You can read our breakdown of this Breville juicer below.


best rated budget Breville juicer



4.5The BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain is the best budget friendly Breville juicer available.  It has a 700Watt motor and it spins at one speed…HIGH.  This model operates at a blistering 14,000RPM to quickly juice any type of food you drop into it.  While not as versatile and efficient as some of their other models with adjustable speeds, this juicer is for those that just want a good quality juice in a hurry.  A great entry level juicing option.  It is quite a popular model with very nice customer ratings.


Breville BJS600XL review



4.2This model is the company’s lone masticating juicer.  Instead of the high speeds of their centrifugal machines, the BJS600XL Juice Fountain Crush operates at a much slower and more deliberate speed.  It works by crushing and squeezing the juice from the pulp.  This reduces oxidation, improves juice quality, and generates less noise.  This Breville juicer is not as highly rated by owners as their other offerings, but it still is a good value.  For those that want a quieter juicer, this may be a decent option.


Pros And Cons Of Breville Juicers

Juicing Speed

For the fastest juicing speeds it is hard to beat a Breville centrifugal juicer. With powerful motors that move the cutting disc between 6,000RPM and 14,000RPM, these machines can make quick work of even the hardest fruits and vegetables.

Juice Yield

These juicing machines get good marks from owners for overall juice extraction. Pulp tends to be on the dry side, which means that most of the juice was removed. It does not do overly well on leafy green vegetables like kale, wheatgrass, or spinach. If you plan to primarily juice these types of foods then Breville’s masticating juicer would be a better option.


Unfortunately, one of the compromises of having a fast juicer is getting a machine that produces a higher level of noise. Breville’s centrifugal juicers are not quiet. For anyone who needs a juice extractor that will not wake others who may be sleeping while you juice, then a masticating juicer would be a better option.

Clean Up

Breville has designed all of their juicers to be easy to clean. Engineered with fewer parts that need cleaning, the entire process is rather straight forward and simple. Some of the parts are also dishwasher safe for added convenience. All of their models come with a cleaning brush to help remove pulp from the mesh filter. Breville owners tend to give very high marks in this regard.

Owner Ratings

Not only are these some of the most popular juicers on the market, they are also some of the highest customer rated machines. For speed, ease of use, and clean up, Breville juicers continue to rate extremely high with owners.