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Champion Juicer Review

The Champion Juicer is a horizontal masticating juicer that has been around for years and has gotten a reputation as being a true workhorse. It has a heavy duty motor made by GE, and it operates at a much higher rate of speed than a typical masticating juicer. This machine was built to last with parts made of virtually unbreakable nylon material. While it does not have all of the bells, whistles, and features of newer juicers, its simplicity is what makes it so effective.  It just works and is extremely reliable.

This Champion juicing machine is truly a beast that is touted as being a “commercial juicer”.  Good for all types of fruits and vegetables except wheatgrass (there is a separate attachment for this, which is not included).


Power:  This machine comes with a 540Watt motor that runs at 1725RPM, substantially higher than a typical masticating juicer.

Durability:  The juicer is made out of durable nylon that is virtually indestructible to ensure years of dependable juicing.  The material is able to flex rather than break or crack, and it is extremely strong.


Requires Some Muscle:  It is heavier than most juicers and comes in at around 25lbs.  Also, while juicing, it requires a little more work to push fruits and vegetables down the food chute with the plunger.

Wheatgrass:  This juicer is not recommended for wheatgrass as it tends to get wrapped around the auger and juice yield is poor.

Champion Juicer Features

champion-juicer-2Heavy Duty Motor:  This juicer is comes with a lot of muscle under the hood.  While today’s masticating juicers usually juice at a leisurely 80RPM, the Champion Juicer works at 1725RPM.  Mow through a lot of different types of fruits and vegetables with ease.

Built To Last:  Engineered with high grade nylon, the Champion is designed to operate for many years without cracking.  It may bend but it probably won’t break, and it can take a lot of use and punishment.

Good Sized Feed Chute:  This unit also comes with a feed chute capable of handling larger sized fruits and vegetables.  Save time by not having to slice up produce into tiny bits just to fit into the juicer.

Versatility:  Not only do you get a juicer, but this machine is also able to make nut butters, baby food, smoothies, ice cream, and more.  Get more value by doing more than just juice.

Strainer Included:  Small but helpful accessory.  For those that prefer a pulp-free juice, the included sieve can help filter out bits of pulp that would otherwise end up in the juice.

Owner Response

The Champion Juicer has garnered some very nice recommendation rates and scores from users over the years.  Since this machine has been around for awhile, it has a proven track record for being a well built and reliable juicer.  Some of the most common feedback about this juicer include:

What Owners Like

Reliability:  Some users have reported that they have been juicing with the Champion for a decade or more an that it still runs like a dream.  They are impressed with how well it has stood up over the course of many years.

Noise:  While it may be a little bit louder than some other masticating juicers, it is still relatively quiet and owners typically did not have a problem in this regard.

Ease of Use:  This is one aspect that gets mentioned often from those that gave it a good rating.  They found it rather simple to assemble, and juicing was a straight forward process.

Clean Up:  Again, those that like this juicer tended to give it good marks for clean up time.

Versatility:  Quite a number of users get more out of this machine than just juicing.  The ability to make health foods and snacks has received a lot of praise from owners.

What Could Be Better

Foamy Juice:  The faster speeds at which this machine operates ends up putting more air into the juice and it produces more foam than desired.  It does include a strainer which can be placed over the juice catcher to help prevent this.

Leafy Greens:  Some owners were not satisfied with how their Champion Juicer handled leafy green vegetables like kale, spinach, and lettuce.  They found that it left wetter pulp and the juice yield for these types of foods was not as high as they had hoped.

Hard to Move:  This machine is heavy, for a juicer, and some owners found that moving it in and out of storage was a bit of work.

Juicing Wheatgrass:  This unit simply will not handle wheatgrass.  Juice yield is poor and it can end up wrapping around the auger.  This vegetable is not recommended for the Champion, which was a let down for a few users.

Bottom Line

The Champion juicer has been going strong for years and years and it continues to stand the test of time.  This juicing machine is built like a tank, durable, with a motor that can handle just about anything that is thrown its way.  While there have been a variety of gripes about this juicer, the overall scores from owners are good enough to make the Champion a viable option for anyone looking for a masticating juicer.  Typical user ratings for this unit are in the low to mid 4’s out of 5 stars.

Champion Juicer Scores

Juice Quality
Clean Up
Final Thoughts

Good juicer that is a workhorse. Powerful motor that can juice a wide variety of different fruits and vegetables. This machine is built to last. It does have a few weakness when it comes to leafy greens and the ability to juice wheatgrass.

Overall Score 4.4