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Tribest Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Review

The Green Star Elite GSE-5000 from Tribest is a dual-gear horizontal masticating juicer. This juicer was designed to excel at juicing leafy green vegetables and its twin gears deliver a three staged juicing process which helps set it apart from most other juicers in its class. The powerful gears also cut and crush so efficiently that they can easily handle foods like celery, something other masticating juice extractors seem to struggle with. The GSE-5000 aims to deliver the best quality and highest nutrient dense juice with its unique design.

While owners seem to appreciate everything that is packed into the Green Star Elite, it is not without its drawbacks. User ratings for this model are overall positive, but it may not be for everyone.


Juice Yield:  The dual gear technology extracts a lot of juice from a variety of fruits and vegetables, especially leafy greens.

Quiet:  This juicer does not produce a lot of noise and is pretty easy on the ears.  The slower speed helps keep noise levels down.

Juice Quality:  Produces a great tasting juice with less oxidation. This enables cold storage for up to 72 hours without spoiling.


Price:  The advanced gear technology comes at a higher start price point.  This is one of the more expensive masticating juicers available.

Requires Some Muscle:  Some harder fruits and vegetables may need some work to push down the chute with the plunger.

Clean Up:  Most parts are relatively simple to clean, but the fine mesh screen takes some work to remove all of the pulp.


Green Star Elite Juicer PartsTwin Gears:  The dual gear design delivers a “complete” masticating system to get the most out of the produce you use, while protecting the nutrients inside of the juice.  The gears have teeth that firmly interlock and as fruits and vegetables are passed through them they crush, grind, and press the juice from the pulp.  This can have a huge advantage over traditional single auger juicers in quality and yield.

Adjustable Pressure Nobs:  At the end of the nozzle is a mechanism to adjust the pressure according to the hardness or softness of the foods being juiced.  This helps maximize juice yield.  There is a nob designed for harder vegetables and another designed for softer fruits.

Versatility:  Similar to other horizontal masticating juicers on the market, the Green Star Elite comes with the ability to do more than just juice.  You can make nut butters, use it as a grinder and mincer, make baby food, and more.  The unit comes with 4 different screens to help make this a more dynamic kitchen appliance.

Safety Features:  To ensure safe operation, the unit will not run unless all the parts are securely in place, including the top cover.  This reduces the chance of being able to touch any moving parts.

110RPM:  Juicing at a slightly higher speed than other masticators, the GSE-5000 is made to juice continuously, letting you power through all types of foods with ease.

Owner Response

The Green Star Elite has proven itself to be a very capable juicer for a majority of users as its overall ratings continue to be very high.  However, there are a few aspects of this juicer that keep it from getting the highest scores from some owners.  Some of the more common compliments and complaints seen in customer feedback on this juicing machine include:

What Owners Like

Juice Yield:  For most owners, the amount of juice that the GSE-5000 produces is quite high.  This juicer seems to handle leafy green vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, kale, and herbs rather well.  The pulp that is eject also tends to be dry indicating very good juice extraction.

Juice Quality:  Users also like the taste of the juice and how long it keeps without spoiling.  Being able to make a lot of juice at once and storing it in the refrigerator is something that owners really appreciate.

Quiet Juicing:  The lack of overall noise that this model produces is also something that gets high marks.  For those who were worried about waking their family members when they juiced in the morning found that this unit worked quietly.

Added Features:  The ability to make sorbets and other foods with this machine is another aspect of this model that users like.  The different screens and the different ways to use the GSE-5000 also gave owners added value.

Celery:  This veggie is notorious for having its stringy fibers wreak havoc with other masticating juicers as they can wrap around the auger or clog the pulp ejection chute.  Owners of the Green Star Elite love how they don’t have to worry about this and don’t have to cut up celery into tiny pieces to avoid clogging issues with the machine.  Big plus for a lot of customers.

What Could Be Better

Clean Up:  We have come across quite a few complaints about the work that is required to get this juicer clean, specifically the fine juicing screen.  Getting the pulp out of the screen with the included cleaning brush has proven to be a tedious chore for a number of owners and something that they wished could be improved upon.

Bulky:  The Green Star Elite is wide and takes up a fair amount of counter space for a juicer.  A few users wished that it could somehow be made more compact.

Harder Foods:  While most owners like how well harder fruits and vegetables get juiced, some found that they had to exert a fair amount of force on the plunger to get them into the machine.  Not the best at auto-feeding itself with certain types of produce.

Ease of Use:  Some owners just did not find the Green Star Elite to be as user friendly as some other models.  More parts, that were a little tricky to assemble and made the juicing process less convenient at times.

Price:  Even though it produces a great tasting juice and it has high juice yields, it is pretty expensive for a juicer ($500-$600 range).  Some customers wished that it was a little less expensive.

Bottom Line

The Tribest Green Star Elite is a heavy duty, efficient, twin geared juicing machine that just gets the job done.  The majority of owners seemed to enjoy the quality and the amount of juice that this unit delivers.  Where it tends to sour with some users is the work needed to get it clean and the overall ease of use when compared to other masticating juicers.  Average owner scores for the GSE-5000 are in the low to mid 4’s out of 5 stars.  If getting the most out of what you juice is a key factor, especially leafy vegetables, then the Green Star Elite is an option worth considering.

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Tribest Green Star Elite Juicer

Juice Quality
Clean Up
Final Thoughts

The twin gear design of the GSE-5000 helps make this a juicing powerhouse. With excellent juice yield that produces dry pulp, and high juice quality. It may leave a lot to be desired with its usablity, and it can be a chore to clean at times. The cost of this juicer may also be a deterrent for a lot of people.

Overall Score 4.4