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Kuvings 940 SC Silent Juicer Review

The Kuvings 940 SC is a powerful vertical masticating juicer designed for those who want quality without sacrificing counter space.  With a 240 Watt motor, the 940 is able to get the most out of fruits and vegetables with good to decent juice yield.  The 80RPM running speed also ensures a quieter experience for the user while having the added benefit of minimizing heat and protecting the nutrients of the juice.

Owners of the Kuvings 940 have given it decent reviews as this model tries to compete in the upright masticating juicer class.   While not as popular as some other brand names, its design, ease of use, and the overall juicing experience it provides make it a solid choice for those looking for a new vertical juicer.


Slow RPM helps produce less noise while juicing.

Vertical style juicer with a small footprint to save on counter space.


Tends to get clogged with stringy vegetables.

A small feed chute requires more prep time to cut produce into smaller pieces.


kuv940-medJuice Quality:  Operating at slower speeds reduces heat build up which can harm the nutrients of the juice.  Less air is also introduced into the juice which helps prevent oxidation and allows the juice to stay fresh up to 72 hours.  The 80RPM speeds allow for a better tasting and less frothy glass of juice.

240W Motor:  The robust motor is able to handle the hardest of fruits and vegetables enabling you to get the most out of whatever you choose to juice.

Vertical Design:  For those without a lot of countertop space to spare, the upright design is a great option. You can get all of the benefits that a masticating juicer has to offer while reducing the overall footprint that the machine takes up on the counter.

Safety:  The 940 comes with magnetic safety sensors that will turn off the machine if everything is not properly in place during operation.  The extra long feed chute also helps keep a safer distance between hands and fingers and the inside of the machine.

BPA-Free Parts:  For those concerned about what kind of plastics and chemicals come in contact with their food, the 940 is BPA-free and provides a safe machine for juicing.

Easy to Clean:  Engineered with the user in mind, this model is rather easy to disassemble, clean, and reassemble.  It also comes with a unique cleaning tool that makes washing up a breeze.

Owner Response

While the Kuvings 940 SC is not an overly popular juicer, it has gotten some nice reviews from those who have purchased it.  It is not the best rated juicer we have seen, but it is also not the worst.  Some of the aspects of this particular model that customers have responded to, both positively and negatively, include:

What Owners Like

Very quiet:  It does indeed live up to being a “silent juicer”.  Owners who have bought it for this feature really like how well it performs in this area.

Easy to clean:  This is always an important factor when judging a juicer.  Users appreciate how easy this model is to clean after juicing.  It is a real time saver.

Design:  The vertical shape and the modern styling really set this unit apart.  Owners found that the small overall footprint this unit has was a real advantage.

Price:  For an upright masticating juicer, this model is moderately priced.

What Could Be Better

Clogging Issues:  Some owners found that while trying to juice stringy vegetables, like celery, the unit tended to get clogged.

Juice Yield:  Some users were also not happy with the overall amount of juice that the 940 produces.  A check of the pulp that was ejected found that it was not as dry as some owners were hoping for.  Wetter pulp means that not all of the possible juice was extracted.

Speed:  Being a masticating juicer with a smaller sized opening to the feed chute, the overall juicing time is going to be on the slower end of the spectrum.

Bottom Line

The Kuvings 940 SC Silent Juicer tries to offer the best of what a masticating juicer has to offer, but in an upright design to maximize counter space.  It succeeds on most of these points.  Those who have bought this model tend to be very satisfied with their purchase as owner scores for this juicer are typically in the low 4’s out of 5 stars.  Some of what has kept this model from getting higher scores is a small feed chute that requires fruits and vegetables to be cut up into small pieces in order to fit into the machine, and the overall juice yield that it produces.  Kuvings has addressed these issues in their latest model, the Kuvings B6000, which is definitely worth checking out.

For those who like the idea of a vertical style masticating juicer with a modern design and a moderate price point, the Kuvings 940 is a worthy candidate.

Kuvings 940 SC Silent Juicer

Juice Quality
Clean Up
Final Thoughts

The Kuvings 940 SC is an older generation model that aims to provide users with the advantages of a masticating juicer, along with a space saving vertical design that gives owners a powerful yet quiet juicer. It also is one of the the more affordable juicers in its class, and it is a great choice for those looking for a silent operating machine.

Overall Score 4