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Omega J8004 Review

The Omega J8004 is not a new model, but it keeps going strong as owners marvel at how well this juicer keeps performing for them.  It is still a popular juicing machine that continues to draw praise from users.  This unit is a single auger, masticating juicer that operates at just 80RPM.  The J8004 is able to juice a wide variety of foods, and it really shines in juicing leafy green veggies.  Its high juice yields, quiet operation, ease of use, and a lengthy 15 year warranty continue to make this juicer an owner favorite.

Note: The Omega J8004 and the Omega J8006 models are identical except for color.  This model is white, while the J8006 is chrome.  That is the only difference between the two.  The white version seems to be less popular as more folks prefer the modern look of the chrome.  This often leads to finding lower prices on the J8004, making it an even better value.


Leafy Vegetables:  High juice yields from kale, spinach, cabbage, and even wheatgrass.

Noise:  Moving at just 80RPM helps cut down on the noise produced while juicing.


Small Feed Chute:  Fruits and vegetables must be cut up into tiny pieces in order to fit into the machine.

Speed:  It is not the fastest juicer on the market and is not ideal for those in a hurry.


omega-j8004-contentSlow Juicing:  Motor operates at just 80RPM.  This helps reduce heat build up and the amount of air introduced into the juice.  Less foam and oxidation leaves a great tasting juice that is able to last longer before going bad.

Quiet Operation:  The slower speeds also cut down on the noise produced while juicing.  Compared to centrifugal juicers, the J8004 is quite easy on the ears.  Great for tight quarters and small apartments.

Dual Stage Juicing:  Juice extraction is a two part process.  First the food is crushed, then it is moved along and the pulp is further squeezed to ensure maximum juice yield.  This helps make the J8004 a good performer when it comes to juicing leafy vegetables and wheatgrass.  The pulp that is ejected tends to be very dry, meaning most of the juice was removed.

Versatility:  The J8004 is not only a juicer, but it is capable of making pasta, soy milk, almond milk, baby food, and more.  It can also be used as a grinder and a mincer.  It comes with 6 nozzles to provide a variety of different uses inside the kitchen.

Easy To Clean:  The parts that come in contact with food are easy to take a part, rinse, and reassemble.

15 Year Warranty:  Omega backs their juicers with some of the best warranties.  Juice in peace knowing that your machine is covered for years to come.

Owner Response

Between this model and the Omega J8006, there are literally thousands of customer reviews for this juicer, most of them extremely positive.  Owners, for the most part, are very satisfied with how this juicer has performed and the scores this unit continually receives reflect it.  It is not a perfect machine, however, and there are a few areas where this juicer could do better.

What Owners Like

Juicing Leafy Greens:  This is something that centrifugal juicers typically struggle with, but the J8004 does a very nice job juicing these types of vegetables.  Spinach, kale, wheatgrass, arugula, parsley and similar type foods all produce very good juice yields.  This unit typically gets high marks from owners in this area.

Noise:  Another aspect of the J8004 that users are typically satisfied with is the amount of noise that the machine makes while juicing.  It is relatively quiet and users report that they can carry on conversations just fine while juicing.

Clean Up:  There are more parts to clean than some of the other juicers on the market, but users find that they all come apart rather easily.  A simple rinse will do in most cases.  A relatively painless process and something that gets high marks from a large number of owners

Ease of Use:  Owners also enjoy using this juicer on a daily basis.  Being easy to use is something that gets mentioned quite often customer reviews.

Warranty:  Omega juicing machines have some of the best warranties available.The 15 year warranty that the J8004 comes with is another factor that a lot of owners really appreciate.  Getting into juicing can be quite an investment, and knowing that your juicer is protected is comforting.

What Could Be Better

Narrow Feed Chute:  This is one of the more common complaints about this juicer.  Having a small feed chute requires that fruits and vegetables be cut up in order to fit inside of the machine.  This can get quite tedious if you are juicing a large amount of produce at one time.  The wish for a larger feed chute is something a lot owners have voiced.

Softer Fruit Struggles:  The J8004 also seems to struggle with juicing soft foods.  The pulp can sometimes get backed up into the machine.  It is recommended to alternate between hard and soft foods as the pulp from the harder foods can push the softer pulp along, cleaning out the machine.  For this reason, this may not be the best machine if you are looking to make straight fruit juices.

Harder Foods:  Harder fruits and vegetables sometimes require the use of the included plunger to get them to feed into the machine.  They don’t auto-feed into the juicer as well, and sometimes they require a little assistance.

Bottom Line

With years on the market, a proven track record, and thousands of positive customer reviews, the Omega J8004 continues to be a juicer worth considering.  It gets very high scores from users for its ability to juice leafy greens, quiet operation, ease of use, and its dependability.  It is not perfect, but it still provides tremendous value for anyone looking to get into juicing.  Owners scores for the J8004 typically range in the mid to high 4’s out of 5 stars.  The NC800 is the latest generation model from Omega that has the performance of the 8004 but with some improvements.  Both are highly recommended by what we have seen from owners.

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Final Thoughts

This model juicer is exactly the same as the Omega J8006 except for the color. Both models have proven to be a huge hit with owners for how well they perform with leafy green veggies. High juice yield, quiet operation, and rock solid performance make this juicer a great choice for new juicers.

Overall Score 4.6