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Omega J8007 Review

The Omega J8007/J8008 horizontal masticating juicers are a follow up to the company’s extremely popular J8006 and J8004 models.  The latest generation J8007 does not represent a major overhaul, but it does add some subtle improvements that may be desirable.  A larger funnel plate at the top of the feed chute, BPA-free materials used in the housing and casing, slightly longer auger, and a stainless steel juicing screen are the key changes made to the Omega J8007.

The juice quality and performance of this model is basically the same as the older generation juicers and it still comes with Omega’s robust 15 year warranty.  Omega did not mess up a good thing.  The added improvements may help make this unit a little more convenient to operate.


Same Great Quality:  Very nice juice yield on a wide variety of hard and soft fruits and vegetables.  Good performer with leafy greens (kale, spinach, lettuce, wheatgrass)

Quiet Operation:  The juicer moves at just 80RPM, which not only helps protect the juice from oxidation, but it also generates less noise than a centrifugal juicer.


Small Feed Tube:  One aspect that has not been improved upon is the size of the feed chute.  Fruits and vegetables must still be cut up into tiny pieces before being juiced.

Price:  The additions to this juicer are nice, but they may not justify the higher price tag.


omega-8007-2Dual Stage Juicing:  The first stage grinds and crushes food while the second stage presses and squeezes the juice from the pulp.  Two different stages help get the most juice yield and maximize efficiency.  Each stage of the juicing process now passes through stainless steel screens, something new to the Omega 8007.

Low RPM:  A slower juicing speed helps minimize the amount of air that ends up in the juice.  This results in lower foam output and less oxidation, allowing the juice to be kept for longer without spoiling.

BPA-Free Parts:  The housing and casing of the auger is now made with safer BPA-free plastics for those that are concerned about the toxicity of certain types of materials.

Do More Than Juice:  This machine is quite versatile as it can also be used to extrude pasta, make baby food, almond milk, natural peanut butter, and more.  It comes with six different nozzles that help transform this unit into a nutrition center.

Design:  A slightly more modern design helps set this juicer apart from the other high quality machines in Omega’s line up.  The J8007 is silver in color, while the J8008 is chrome.

15 Year Warranty:  Juice in peace with an impressive warranty.  It covers the entire juicer for a lengthy 15 years.

Owner Response

The Omega J8007 is no where near as popular as the older J8006 model, and the amount of customer reviews for this model is quite limited.  It does get some high scores from owners, even with some of its minor drawbacks.  Some of the good and bad that users found while using this juicer include:

What Owners Like

BPA-free:  A number of owners chose the J8007 because it had all of the quality of the J8006, but it came with parts that were BPA-free.

Leafy Greens:  Users were happy with with how the J8007 juices leafy greens vegetables, including wheatgrass.  The juice seems to be relatively low in foam, and they found the taste to be exceptional.  Juice yield was also another strong point with this juicer as the pulp that came out was pretty dry.

Quiet Low Speed:  The amount of noise that this juicer makes is relatively low.  The slower speed motor produces less noise, and for those that have used centrifugal juicers in the past, this was a pleasant feature.

Clean Up:  Another point of praise for this model is that it is not that hard to clean.  Customers like that the top funnel plate around the opening of the feed chute is now detachable.  This is also something new to this model and helps minimize clean up.

Warranty:  A quality juicer usually is not cheap, and having 15 year warranty on their purchase is something that a lot of owners really appreciate.

What Could Be Better

Price:  While the juicer is high quality, some users felt that the additions to this model did not warrant the higher price and wished that it was a little less expensive.

Small Feed Chute:  There was also a few owners that wished this was one of the areas that they should have improved on from previous models.  The feed chute does not accommodate larger sized fruits and vegetables.  They still must be cut up into smaller pieces before they can be dropped into the machine.  This adds to prep time and can be tedious when juicing a lot at one time.

Speed:  Masticating juicers are going to be slower, in general, than centrifugal juicers, and this is one aspect that pops up from time to time in customer reviews for these types of juicers.

Pulpy Juice:  For those that do not like pulp in their juice, the use of the included strainer is a required step to get the desired juice quality.  This is also something that most masticating juice extractors have trouble with.

Bottom Line

The Omega J8007 is a great little juicing machine and the improvements that have been made to this model do indeed make it more convenient to use.  However, they just don’t seem to be a significant enough of an upgrade over the J8006 to entice people to spend more for this juicer.  This is perhaps why there are just not as many customer reviews for the J8007.  With that being said, those who have purchased this machine tend to give it really high marks and recommendation rates.

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Omega J8007 Masticating Juicer

Juice Quality
Clean Up
Final Thoughts

The same quality of the J8006 but with some minor improvements. If the new additions are something that you must have, then the J8007 is a great choice. However, if you can live without them, you can save some money without sacrificing juicing performance by getting the Omega J8006.

Overall Score 4.5