Omega juicer reviews and ratings

Omega Juicer Reviews

For years Omega has been widely regarded as making some of the top rated juicers for home users. Their customer scores are also truly impressive. While the company does make centrifugal and citrus juice extractors, they are perhaps best known for their innovative and reliable masticating juicers. Omega’s horizontal juice extractors deliver high yield, quality juice, and a quiet experience. They are also versatile machines that can make natural nut butters, baby food, extrude pasta, and more. Their vertical style masticating juicers offer quiet operation as well, but in a space saving upright design. For those that plan to juice a lot of leafy green vegetables like kale and spinach, an Omega juicer might be the perfect option. You can check out our reviews of their most popular models below.


Omega NC800 masticating juicer



4.7The NC800 is Omega’s latest generation horizontal juicer that adds two major improvements to make juicing more efficient and convenient. This model comes with a wider feed chute so you do not have to spend time cutting fruits and vegetables into tiny pieces. They also added an adjustable end cap that restricts the rate at which pulp is ejected and increases the pressure inside of the nozzle for better juice yield. With the same great quality and versatility of previous models, the NC800 delivers a top notch juicing experience that is reflected in their customer ratings.


Top rated Omega juicer machine



4.6The Omega 8006 model juicer has been around for years and continues to deliver owners a well built, efficient, juicing workhorse. Perhaps their most popular juicer, this model is great at juicing leafy greens like spinach, lettuce, cabbage, kale, and herbs. It also gets a lot of use from owners in making nut butters, pasta, baby food, sauces, and more. It has proven itself to be a solid performer and owner feedback on this unit has been overwhelmingly positive. This has been one of the best Omega juicers for quite some time, and it continues to be an extremely good value.


Omega VSJ843R upright juicer



4.6The VSJ843R is exactly the same as the VSJ843Q except for the shape. The “R” is more rounded and takes up even less countertop space than the more square “Q” model. This model still brings the same quality an innovation to deliver a super quiet juicing experience. This is a new model with limited customer feedback, but the early reviews are rather promising. Upright masticating juicers tend to require a little more patience to avoid jamming, but the whisper quiet design of the VSJ843 models might be worth it.


Omega VSJ843Q vertical juicing machine



4.5This is Omega’s newest generation vertical masticating juicer, and it introduces a few new innovations that help set it apart from others in its class. The auger moves at just 43RPM for true “slow” juicing.  Not only does this help protect the juice from oxidation, but it creates an almost silent machine. This model also features a tap on the juice spout to keep juice inside the machine when desired and stop unwanted dripping. A  compact design also helps save space. It also comes with a 15 year warranty.


Omega J8007 cold press juicer



4.5The J8007 is the newest model to follow the success of the J8006. It takes the same quality and dependability, and tries to improve upon it with some new features. A wider funnel plate that sits on top of the feed chute makes it easier to drop in smaller foods like grapes and berries. A longer auger, BPA-free housing, and stainless steel juicing screens are a few other additions in this model. These new enhancements come with a higher price tag, but it also comes with Omega’s 15 year warranty.


what is the best omega juicer



4.5The J8004 is the exact same juicer as the J8006 model, the only difference being color. Great for juicing leafy green vegetables, the J8004 operates at a smooth 80RPM. Quiet operation, high juice yield, and ease of use are some of what makes this an owner favorite. This is also one of Omega’s older juicers that just continues to perform at a high level. This model is not quite as popular as the J8006, and it can probably be had for a slightly lower price, which makes it an even better value.


Omega juicers compare



4.3The latest Omega Vert Juicer, the VRT400 tries to take what the VRT350 did well and improve upon it. The upright design, quiet operation, and new juice spout help make this model a solid performer. This is not a fast juicer, and to avoid clogging issues this juicer needs to be fed at a steady pace and not over stuffed with fruits and vegetables. For the more patient minded this model is a worthy option. Good juice yield and Omega’s extremely robust 15 year warranty help boosts its overall owner ratings.


Omega VRT350 vert juicer



4.2The VRT350 is the predecessor to the VRT400 and offers a decent option for those looking for a vertical masticating juicer. With the release of new models, however, the price on this juicer has dropped over the past few months. It is not a perfect juicer, but at a lower starting price it has become a better value for those looking to save money. It offers good juice yield and quiet operation. For those who want a space saving masticating juicing machine for a little less money, then the VRT350 is a decent option.


What Makes An Omega Juicer A Smart Choice?


Omega masticating juicers operate at only 80RPM or less. The slower speeds at which they juice produce a lot less noise and are quite easy on the ears. Juice in peace without worrying about waking others.

Juice Quality

The slower speeds also help protect the juice from heat and oxidation. The juice that is produced is nutrient dense and it will stay fresh longer. You can make a lot of juice at once and store it cold for up to 72 hours.

Juice Yield

These juicers are highly efficient at crushing and squeezing the juice from the pulp. Get the most out of fruits and vegetables with very little waste. Owners tend to give most Omega juicers very high scores in this area.

Juicing Speed

Masticating juicers operate at a much more methodical pace than their centrifugal counterparts. One of the disadvantages of an Omega juicer is the speed at which it juices. “Slow juicers” have many positives, but super fast juicing is not one of them.


An Omega juicer typically comes with either a 10 year or 15 year warranty. They build quality products and they stand by them with some of the best warranties in the business. This is one aspect that gets a lot of praise from owners.