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Omega NC800 Review

The NC800 is Omega’s latest generation horizontal masticating juicer. They aimed to take the quality and success of their 8000 series of juicers and make them even better. There are two major improvements new to the NC800. First, this model now has a larger feed chute. This enables larger fruits and vegetables to be fed into the machine without needing to be cut up into smaller pieces. This can be a huge time saver, especially if juicing a lot of produce at once. The second significant improvement is the addition of an adjustable end cap. It can be dialed up or down depending on the type of foods being juiced to increase overall juice yield.

The Omega NC800 also comes with all the quality and features of previous models. Couple all of this with one of the best warranties in the business, and the NC800 is quickly making a name for itself. It has not been out that long, but so far owner feedback has been rather impressive.


Juice Yield:  The NC800 gets the most out of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.  Very good performer with leafy greens.

Wide Feed Chute:  Very much appreciated by owners. Saves on prep time by reducing the need to pre-cut everything.

Clean Up:  Parts come apart quite easily to clean. Pretty straight forward and simple process.


Softer Fruits:  Not great for straight fruit juices. Softer fruits tend to get backed up in the auger. Not the best with apples. Juicing hard and soft produce together can help as the harder foods will push everything along.

Plastic Parts:  Well built, but everything is made with plastic. Some users wished for more stainless steel.

Juicer Features

nc800-redWider Feed Chute:  One of the more common complaints with older Omega juicers was the size of the opening on the feed tube. It was small and required that fruits and vegetables be cut up into small pieces just to fit into the machine. Omega remedied this by making the feed chute on the NC800 wider. Now you can fit much larger pieces into the machine. This can be a huge time saver and is a much anticipated addition.

Adjustable End Cap:  This works by letting the user adjust the rate at which pulp exits the juicer. The highest setting restricts the rate of pulp and helps build pressure. This pressure helps increase juice extraction and maximize juice yield. Set the dial to 5 for harder foods, like carrots and beets.  Softer produce should have the dial lowered to 1.

Slow Juicing:  The machine operates at a more deliberate pace than centrifugal juicers. It juices at only 80RPM which helps protect nutrients from heat and air, and reduces oxidation. It also minimizes the overall noise that the juicer makes.

Clean Up:  The parts of the juicer were designed to be easy to disassemble, rinse, and reassemble.

Versatility:  The NC800 can do more than just juice. It comes with six different nozzles that can be used to make pasta, nut butters, soy milk, baby food, and more.

Warranty:  This model comes with a generous 15 year warranty on the entire machine. Omega is known for the quality of their juicers, and they stand by their products. Juice with the peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected for years to come.

Owner Response

This is a newer model from Omega, so it does not have as many customer reviews as their more established juicers. That being said, owner ratings have been rather impressive with many responding quite favorably to the improvements that are included in the NC800. No one juicer is perfect for everyone, and there have been some aspects of this model that a few owners wished were better. Some of the good and the bad include:

What Owners Like

Leafy Green Performance:  Owners who like to juice leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, lettuce, cabbage, and parsley really seem to like how well this juicer performs. It tends to get very high juice yield with relatively dry pulp.

Improved Feed Chute:  Being able to juice larger fruits and vegetables without cutting them up into smaller sizes has also been a huge hit with this model. Users who had previous experience with some of Omega’s older models, like the J8004, appreciated this aspect of the NC800. Less prep time makes for a faster juicing process, and this has received high marks from owners.

Easy To Clean:  Most owners find that this juicer is simple to keep clean. This is an important factor for any model and the NC800 gets pretty good marks from owners in this area.

Noise:  Masticating juicers have a distinct advantage over centrifugal juicers in this regard. Slower speeds make for a quieter machine, and the NC800 is pretty easy on the ears. Users find it relatively quiet.

15 Year Warranty:  Something that also makes a lot of owners feel better about their purchase is the length of the warranty, and what it covers.

Overall Value:  With how well it juices, along with being able to make pasta, baby food, and nut butters, owners appreciate just how much they get for the money. It does a lot of things well and it provides excellent value.

What Could Be Better

Apples and Softer Foods:  Some owners found that these types of foods can give the NC800 some problems. Even with the end cap set to the lowest setting, softer fruits would tend to back up into the machine. Users found that alternating between feeding hard and soft foods help as the harder foods would push the softer pulp along. For straight fruit juices, this unit is probably not the best option. Works best if mixed with harder veggies.

Pulpy Juice:  This is a common complaint for masticating juicers as they generally have more pulp end up in the juice. Owners that don’t like the pulp found that they had to strain their juice to get it pulp free.

End Cap Learning Curve:  Some owners found that the new adjustable end cap has a small learning curve to figure out exactly which settings worked best with certain foods. Some foods back up into the machine on the higher settings and it t took a little experimenting before getting the hang of it.

No Stainless Steel:  While most owners feel that NC800 is well built and feels solid, some owners wished that it had more stainless steel parts. It is made with durable BPA-free plastic.

Bottom Line

The Omega NC800 is terrific option for those who are looking at get a masticating juicer. The improvements made to this model have increased its convenience and quality. The larger feed chute has helped reduce overall juicing time and the adjustable end cap has increased juice yield. Owners are very happy with how this juicer handles all types of leafy greens, including wheatgrass, but softer fruits can cause it some problems. Customer feedback has been overall very positive for this model as it continues to get scores in the mid to high 4’s out of 5 stars from owners. This is among the top rated juicers we have currently reviewed.

Also, just to add a note about the available colors. The NC900 model is exactly the same as the NC800 except for the color. The NC900 is chrome, while the NC800 comes in silver and red.

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Omega NC800 Masticating Juicer

Juice Quality
Clean Up
Final Thoughts

The NC800 is the next generation model from Omega that has taken what the 8006 has done well for years, and added to it. A larger feed chute and adjustable end cap add to both speed and juice yield. Owner response so far has been quite high for this model, with a lot of praise for leafy vegetable performance.

Overall Score 4.7