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Omega VRT350 Review

The Omega VRT350 is an upright masticating juicer that was designed to provide all of the benefits of a slow juicer into a space saving vertical style.  This juicer moves at a methodical 80RPM to crush and squeeze juice from the pulp and deliver higher juice yields than its centrifugal counterparts.  The slower speeds also help protect the juice from heat and air, as well as make the machine operate with less noise.

The VRT350 has been out for a few years and Omega has since released newer vertical juicer models.  This has seen the price drop on this juicer, making it more affordable and an even better value.


Quiet:  Easy on the ears while juicing.  Relatively quiet while operating, especially when compared to centrifugal juicers.

Juice Yield: Struggles with some types of produce, but overall juice yield across a wide variety of fruits and vegetables is pretty good.


Jamming Issues:  Stringy vegetables (like celery) and harder foods (like carrots) can sometimes cause the juicer to jam or clog.

Pulpy Juice:  A common complaint with this model is the amount of pulp that ends up in the juice.


omega-vrt350-contentLow Speed Technology:  With a 150Watt motor that operates the machine at only 80RPM, the VRT350 slowly crushes and presses the pulp to extract as much juice as possible while also protecting the nutrients. Less air is introduced into the juice reducing the oxidation process.  This enables it to be stored for up to 72 hours before going bad.

Quiet Operation:  The lower speeds also keep the machine from producing excess noise and allow you to juice without disturbing others who may be sleeping.

Auto Wiping System:  The juicer also uses a wiping blade to keep the juicing screen from getting clogged with pulp.  This makes it more efficient and easier to clean.

Dual Stage Juicing:  Whatever gets dropped into the machine is first crushed by the auger and then moved along and pressed further through the juicing screen to enable a superior juice yield.

Durability:  The VRT350 is made from high grade materials that are built to last and perform for years to come.  The auger is made from ULTEM, which is 8x stronger than traditional augers in other juicers.

10 Year Warranty:  Juice with peace of mind knowing that the juicer is protected should anything go wrong with the unit.

Owner Response

Customer ratings for the Omega VRT350 have been good, but not great.  It does some things really well, but it falls short in other areas.  Some of the positives and the negatives voiced in customer reviews include:

What Owners Like

Juice Yield:  It is able to juice leafy vegetables and even wheatgrass and get a nice amount of juice.  Users that had previous experience with a centrifugal juicer really appreciated this aspect of the VRT350.  Harder foods like carrots produce a very dry pulp which means most of the juice was extracted.

Noise:  Another feature of this juicer that gets a lot of praise is how relatively quiet this unit is.  Owners like that they can still have a conversation while they are juicing.

Vertical Design:  It does indeed save a lot of countertop space and is one of the main reasons that users went with an upright masticator over a traditional horizontal model.

Warranty:  Omega juicers offer some of the best warranties and the VRT350 comes with a hefty 10 years of protection.  Owners loved the peace of mind that this gave them and wished that other juicer makers would do something similar.

Clean Up:  Even though a few owners did not like the clean up process, a large number seem to find it not that hard to get clean.  It does have an auto cleaning system and you can pour water into the juicer to flush out a majority of left over pulp and residue.


What Could Be Better

Too Much Pulp:  Masticating juicers in general produce a pulpier juice than centrifugal juicers, but the VRT350 has gotten a number of complaints about how much ends up in the juice.  If you do not like pulp in your juice then you will have to use a strainer to remove it.  Something that quite a few owners recommend.

Clogging:  There are certain foods that may end up jamming the juicer.  Some owners reported problems with celery and some with harder foods, like carrots and beets.  These should be cut up into extra small pieces and fed slower into the machine to help prevent this from happening.  When it stalls, reversing the auger for a couple of seconds will usually unjam everything.

Some users also had problems with the pulp ejection chute getting clogged, especially while juicing a lot of leafy greens.

Juicing Time:  Despite being labelled as a “slow” juicer, a few users wished that everything could be faster.  It’s slower going than working with a centrifugal juicer, and it requires a little more prep time and patience.

Bottom Line

If you must have vertical masticating juicer then the Omega VRT350 is not a bad choice.  It has been on the market for a few years and it has a solid track record with owners.  There have been newer upright models recently released that score better than this particular juicer, but they are also significantly more expensive.  For the current price the VRT350 is still a good value.  Owners scores for this juicing machine are usually in the low 4’s out of 5 stars.

Omega VRT350 Vertical Masticating Juicer

Juice Quality
Clean Up
Final Thoughts

Overall a pretty good juicer. It does a lot of things very nicely, but it also has some drawbacks. Vertical masticating juicers typically score lower among owners than horizontal models. If you must get a an upright model then the VRT350 is not a bad choice.

Overall Score 4.2