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Omega VSJ843Q Review

The VSJ843Q represents Omega’s new entry into the vertical masticating juicing machine market.  It delivers some innovative features that set it apart from some of the other upright slow juicers in its class.  Almost silent operation, a double edged auger that spins at just 43RPM, a stopper on the juice spout, and an auto-cleaning system are just some of the aspects of this juicer that make it stand out from the crowd.

There are two different designs in the VSJ843 line, the VSJ843Q and the VSJ843R.  The “Q” has a square shape to its body and a slightly wider stance, the “R” model has a rounded shape and takes up less counter space.  Both models are the same under the hood and should offer a similar juicing experience.


Super Quiet:  The lower speeds at which this operates help contribute to just how little noise this juicer generates.  Perhaps the quietest juicer that you can buy.

Juice Quality:  Great tasting juice with relatively little pulp produced.  Compared to other masticating juicers, this unit does a great job at keeping pulp out of the juice.


Hard Vegetable Hiccups:  Some foods, like carrots, may cause the juicer to jam if the pieces are too large or they are fed into the unit too quickly.  If this happens, utilizing the reverse switch will usually unclog the machine.

Price:  This is a next generation juicing machine with a next generation price tag.


omega-vsj843q-3Low Speeds:  The Omega VSJ843Q runs at just 43RPM, that is nearly 50% less than a typical masticating juicer.  These slower speeds help protect the juice from oxidation and reduce the amount of foam produced, leaving a great tasting and healthier final product.

Noise:  The lower operating speeds also make the juicer extremely quiet to operate.  If you worry about waking others while you juice, or just do not like loud machines, then the VSJ843Q is something worth considering.

Dual-Edged Auger:  Traditional augers, the part that crushes the fruits and vegetables dropped into the machine, are typically single edged.  This model comes with a new double edged auger that aids in improving overall juice yield and extraction.

Auto-Cleaning System:  This unit also comes with a system that rotates around the juicing screen and wipes it clean to ensure that pulp does not build up and interfere with the juicing process.  After juicing, water can be poured into the machine to rinse away excess pulp and juice.  This helps minimize the overall cleaning time needed.

Juice Tap:  A little stopper on the end of the juicing spout lets you control the flow of juice and helps eliminate drips and spills when moving the juicer or switching out containers.

15 Year Warranty:  Omega builds some of the highest quality juicers currently available and they stand behind their products by offering very impressive warranties.

Owner Response

This is a brand new model that has not been on very long, so customer reviews are very limited.  The early returns are pretty good, and the new features have gotten some high praise from users.  However, it is not perfect and there have been a few users who have pointed out areas where this juicer may struggle.  Some of the good and the bad include:

What Owners Like

Very Quiet:  Quite a number of users were amazed with just how quiet the VSJ843Q was when they first turned it on. A masticating juicer generally a lot less noisy than centrifugal machines, but this juicer seems to take it to another level.

Juice Yield:  Owners found that the overall juice yield across a wide variety of fruits and vegetables was rather good.  The pulp that came out of the machine is nice and dry signalling that most of the juice was extracted.

Juice Quality:  Masticating juicers typically end up with pulp in the juice and a lot of users end up straining their juice before drinking it, but users find that this model does a great job of keeping pulp out of the juice.  It does not eliminate it completely but it greatly reduces it.

Clean Up:  While some owners had a few concerns in this area, most found it relatively painless.

Warranty:  This is always a huge hit with Omega customers, as it gives great peace of mind.  The VSJ843Q comes with a whopping 15 year warranty that owners really love.

Design:  The size and shape of the VSJ843Q is compact and the styling is unique.  Quite a few owners have commented on how nice this looks sitting on their counter tops.  It is also not a tall juicer and can fit under most cabinets.

What Could Be Better

Carrots:  A few owners have had issues with carrots and some other harder foods clogging the juicer and causing it to stop.  Throwing the gear in reverse for a few seconds usually fixed this, but a few users found this annoying.  Harder fruits and vegetables may have to be cut up into smaller pieces than normal and fed into the machine at a slower pace to help avoid this.

Feed Chute Size:  The feed tube on the VSJ843Q is not as large as some owners had hoped.  Fruits and veggies must be cut up into small enough pieces to fit into the machine.  While this helps to moderate the size and rate at which foods are dropped into the juicer for optimal performance, it also adds to the prep time.

Pulp Gets Under The Auger:  One characteristic of this model is that while juicing a fair amount of pulp can build up under the auger and must be cleaned out afterwards.  The auto-cleaning system cannot help with this and it must be done by hand.  Some owners wished that there was a way to prevent this from happening.

Price:  This is one of the more expensive masticating juicers currently on the market.  Even though being the latest generation juicer has brought improvements it also brings with it a higher price tag.

Bottom Line

Since the VSJ843 models is relatively new compared to some of the Omega models that are available, it does not have as an extensive of a track record.  We have kept an eye on the customer reviews and scores over the past year and we have watched them stay strong.  In the limited feedback that we have seen, the high scores have stayed consistent with a range in the mid to high 4’s out of 5 stars.  While the VSJ843Q does have a few areas where it does not shine, the overall experience and juice quality is something that owners are very satisfied with.  It gets high recommendation rates for anyone looking for an extremely quiet juicer with exceptional juice quality and long warranty.

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Omega VSJ843Q Early Returns

Juice Quality
Clean Up
Final Thoughts

With a host of improvements and innovations, the Omega VSJ843Q looks to be an extremely promising vertical masticating juicer. The early returns from owners have been rather good and we look forward to seeing how this juicer performs over a longer period of time. Stay tuned.

Overall Score 4.5