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Omega VSJ843R Review

The VSJ843R is the latest vertical slow juicer in Omega’s popular line of juicing machines.  Not one to rest on their laurels, Omega has introduced some new innovations into their VSJ843 series that aim to raise the bar for upright slow juicers.  Features such as a dual-edged auger, silent and slow 43RPM operation speed, and auto-cleaning system really set this unit apart from other juicers in its class.

There are two different models in this line, the VSJ843R and the VSJ843Q.  They are the same juicers under the hood, with the same mechanics, parts, and features.  The only difference is in their shape.  The “R” model is rounded in shape and takes up a little less counter space.  The “Q” model is more of a square form and it has a slightly wider footprint.  Other than their looks, the two different Omega VSJ843 models should offer the same juicing performance.


Whisper Quiet:  Perhaps the quietest juicer on the market.  The lower RPM and the redesign of the inner basket have greatly reduced overall noise.  This is something that really stands out when turning the juicer on for the first time.

Juice Yield:  Improvements help maximize how much juice gets extracted leaving a very dry pulp.  Great juice yield with leafy green vegetables as well as harder foods.

Juice Quality:  There is very little pulp that ends up in the juice, something that usually plagues masticating juicers.  Great tasting and relatively pulp-free.


Carrot Issues:  Carrots and harder vegetables can cause the machine to jam at times.  To juice these types of foods special care must be taken to feed smaller sized pieces into the machine.

Standard Feed Chute:  This juicer does not come with the wider feed chute seen on some other models.  Fruits and vegetables must be cut up into smaller pieces to fit into the juicer.

Price:  This is a latest generation juicer that comes with a latest generation price tag.


omega-vsj843r-contentDouble-Edged Auger:  An auger with two edges helps increase overall efficiency during juicing and allows the machine to do more work at slower speeds.  This not only helps with juice yield but allows the machine to run quieter.

43RPM Juicing Speed:  Truly low speed juicing reduces heat build up and oxidation to protect the nutrients in the juice.  This produces a great tasting, quality juice that is able to be stored for longer periods of time before spoiling.  The slower operating speeds also help make this a truly silent juicer.

Noise:  This model has made significant strides in noise reduction and it is one of the quietest juicers currently available.

Spout Tap:  A small, but super convenient feature of the VSJ843R is that addition of a stopper on the juice spout.  Simply open to allow juice to flow into the juice container and then close when you are done juicing.  This helps prevent drips and spills when changing containers or moving the juicer.

Auto Cleaning System:  While in use, the juicer is continually wiping the juice screen with a blade, similar to a windsheild wiper, to keep pulp from building up and maintain juicing efficiency.   After juicing, simply pour some water into the machine to get larger chunks of pulp and juice residue out of the juicer.  This helps  minimize overall cleaning time.

15 Year Warranty:  Juice with peace of mind knowing that your  investment is protected for years to come.  It covers the entire juicer for a whopping 15 years.

Owner Response

This is a brand new model so customer reviews of this juicer are quite limited.  The early results have been rather positive across the board.  Some of the owner feedback for the Omega VSJ843R includes:

What Owners Like

Super Quiet:  This has been a huge area of praise thus far for this model.  Most owners are quite amazed the first time they turn the machine on at just how little noise this unit makes.  It is quite easy on the ears.

Juice Quality:  Something that has plagued masticating juicers in general is the amount of pulp that ends up in the juice.  For those that prefer a pulp free juice, an added step of straining the juice is usually required.  A number of owners of the VSJ843R have remarked just how little pulp this unit produces and what a major improvement this is for this type of juicer.  They also love the taste of the juice and its overall quality.

Juice Yield:  Owners so far are happy with how dry the pulp is that is ejected and how much juice is extracted from various fruits and vegetables.  Seems to be an extremely efficient machine.

Cleaning:  For the most part, users do not find that the VSJ843R is difficult to clean.  They like the auto-clean system and find the process to be decent.  Parts are easy to take apart, rinse, and reassemble.  Not the easiest to clean, but not the worst either.

Warranty:  This is something that makes Omega stand out from other juicer manufacturers, and owners of all of their juicing machines love the extensive warranty protecting their purchase.

What Could Be Better

Jamming:  Harder vegetables, like carrots, can cause the unit to jam and stall from time to time.   This causes users to use the reverse gear to unjam, then putting it back in forward gear to continue juicing.  Some owners found that they have to cut these types of foods into extra small pieces and they have to watch the rate at which they feed the machine.  Letting the juicer do a little at a time helps prevents this from occurring, but it also adds to the overall juicing time.

Pulp Gets Under The Auger:  A few owners were concerned with how much pulp builds up underneath the auger.  When cleaning the juicer this is one area to be aware of as it will have to be removed.

Cost:  Being the “latest and greatest” juicer on the market means that it is going be more expensive than other models.  At that price it felt like a “gamble” to a few owners and they wished that it was a little more budget friendly.

Bottom Line

Even though the VSJ843 has not been out that long, it has racked up some pretty nice feedback from owners.  Of course nothing is perfect, but the positives far outweigh the negatives on this model.  The small footprint, extremely quiet operation, and the juice yield are all aspects of this juicer that really stand out for users.  If you are looking for the latest generation upright that can get the job done without a lot of noise, then this Omega juicer is highly recommended.

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Omega VSJ843R Early Returns

Juice Quality
Clean Up
Final Thoughts

While it's still too early to know how good of a juicer this will be over the long run, the early returns from owners seem to be quite positive. High juice yield, extremely quiet operation and ease of use have thus far gotten high marks. Average ease of clean up, some stumbles with juicing carrots, and its high price have been some of the early drawbacks for a few owners.

Overall Score 4.6