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Tribest Slowstar Juicer Review

The Tribest Slowstar is another upright masticating juicer with some unique features that help it stand apart from others in its class.  With a powerful 200Watt motor that operates at a really low 47RPM, a double edged auger, a mincing attachment, and a bold modern style, the Slowstar packs a lot into its spacing saving vertical design.  The vertical masticating juicer arena has a lot of worthy competitors, and Tribest has thrown their hat in the ring with the sleek looking Slowstar.  It shines in a lot of important areas and owner response has been fairly positive to date.

Just a note on this model.  Tribest has recently upgraded one of the seals on the Slowstar as well as added a juice tap to the spout.  If you purchase this model and it does not have these included, you can call Tribest customer service and they will give you the upgrades for free.


Juice Yield:  Very good performance across a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.  Relatively dry pulp means high juice extraction.

Quiet Juicing:  The lower speeds help reduce the amount of noise that this juicer generates.  Easy on the ears.


Speed:  Standard feet chute will require added time to cut fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces to fit inside the juicer.  Quality comes at a more deliberate pace.

Leafy Greens:  Adequate juice yield from foods such as kale, wheatgrass and spinach, but not this juicer’s strong suit.


tribest-slowstar-spoutLower Speeds:  The Tribest Slowstar juices at just 47 revolutions per minute, whereas most masticating juicers operate at 80RPM.  The slower speeds will help protect the nutrients in the juice from heat and air resulting in a healthier and better tasting end product.  Less air also means less oxidation.  This enables the juice to last longer without spoiling.

Juice Tap:  This is a feature that was not on the Slowstar when it was first introduced, but newer stock now comes with it.  This part lets you keep juice inside the juicer when desired.  It helps prevent unwanted dripping and it can aid in the clean up process after juicing.

Quiet Operation:  The lower speeds also contribute to the lack of noise the Slowstar produces.  Juice in peace without waking up the entire household.

Dual Edged Auger:  The auger is what does all of the work in a masticating juicer, and two edges on this part helps increase juicing efficiency to get the most juice out of whatever is dropped down the feed chute.

Mincing Attachment:  This add-on lets you make natural peanut butter or fresh sorbet.  Added versatility not seen in most upright masticating juicers.

10 Year Warranty:  Juice easier knowing that your machine is backed up by a robust warranty for years to come.

Owner Response

While there are not as many customer reviews of this product as some of the other vertical masticating juicers, they have been generally positive.  When this juicer was first released it did have an issue with leaking, and this was mentioned a few times in some of the owner feedback we came across.  However, Tribest was quick to fix this problem and sent out new parts to those that contacted them.  New juicers sold should have the upgraded seal.  Despite some of its issues, the Slowstar has received some good scores from users.  Some of the good and the bad include:

What Owners Like

Very Quiet:  This is something that really stands out for a lot of owners.  The lack of noise, even for a masticating juicer, is something that is a pleasant surprise.

Juice Yield:  Another aspect that gets a lot of praise is how dry the pulp is for most fruits and vegetables.  The dryer the pulp the higher the juice extraction, and the Slowstar does a good job in this regard.

Vertical Design:  The Slowstar might be a little bit taller than some in its class, but it takes up very little countertop space, a big selling point for users.

Clean Up:  Average scores for clean up, as most users did not seem to have a problem in this area.

Juice Tap:  The stopper at the end of the juice spout is a simple but useful feature that users really like.  It helps cut down on spills and prevents the juicer from dripping all over the counter when being moved.

Customer Service:  A few owners reported that their dealings with Tribest”s customer service was rather helpful and it made them even more confident in the company’s 10 year warranty on the Slowstar.

What Could Be Better

Pulpy Juice:  These types of juicers typically struggle with keeping pulp out of the juice and it is often a common complaint seen in customer reviews.  The Slowstar does include a strainer, however, for those that prefer a pulp-free juice.

Leafy Greens:  Some owners just did not like how this unit handled leafy green vegetables like kale or wheatgrass.  If you plan to juice primarily leafy greens then this model may not be the best option.

Early Issues:  The Slowstar seemed to have some issues with leaking and some jamming, and early reviews of this model had a lot of complaints in this area.  To Tribest’s credit, they did seem to fix these problems quickly with redesigned parts that were sent out to customers that contacted them.

Color Options:  While most like its bold style, there were a few minor gripes about it not being available in other colors like white, silver or chrome.

Bottom Line

The Tribest Slowstar is a definite contender in the vertical masticating juicer market.  Like the Omega VSJ843 and the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer, the Slowstar has introduced some new features that have helped make these type of upright juicers a better option for those looking to save some countertop space.  It did have some early issues that were reflected in owner scores, but Tribest has seemed to rectify them.   It has a nice set of features, a unique look, and very good juicing performance that make it hard to ignore.  There is no one perfect machine for everyone, but the Slowstar is a worthy candidate for those looking for an upright masticating juicer.  Customer ratings for the Slowstar are generally in the low to mid 4’s out of 5 stars.

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Tribest Slowstar Vertical Masticating Juicer

Juice Quality
Clean Up
Final Thoughts

The Slowstar does a lot of things well and its design, features, and performance have received high marks and recommendation rates from owners. Early issues gave Tribest an opportunity to shine in the customer service department. Good all around daily juicer with an excellent warranty.

Overall Score 4.4