Watermelon Recipes

Watermelon is not only tasty but healthy as well. This fruit, that is made of 92% water content, comes with a number of nutrients and minerals that have a positive impact on the body. It is a rich source of carbohydrate and potassium and is devoid of fats and low in calories. Some of the potential health benefits of of watermelon include;

• Keeps the heart healthy
• Helps relieve stress levels
• Anti-aging agent
• Perfect diet for weight loss
• Instant source of energy
• Has a wealth of fruit fiber
• Helps deal with skin problems
• Natural moisturizer

This fruit is a great indredient to add to just about any juicing recipe to help improve the flavor of less palatable ingredients.

Recipe #1: The Fresh Watermelon and Cucumber Juice


• 2 cups of watermelon
• 1/2 cups of fresh mint juice
• 2 tablespoons of fresh lime juice
• 1 tablespoon of sugar

This recipe yields about 2 servings

The combination of watermelon and juice results into a refreshing, tangy and lightly flavored juice that will keep you hydrated during hot summer days. When making the juice, start with the cold ingredients and juice them in the order stated above. Serve immediately or keep the resultant juice refrigerated for up to a maximum of 48 hours before serving.

Recipe #2: The Watermelon and Orange Juice


• 4 to 5 cups of chopped watermelon cubes (be sure to remove the seeds)
• 1 medium sized orange
• 4 – 5 fresh mint leaves
• Organic, unrefined cane sugar
• Ice cubes

This recipe yields 2 to 3 servings

Yet another watermelon juicing recipes that combines watermelon and orange, topped with mint leaves. While adding the mint leaves is optional, it is paramount if you want to change the taste and flavor. of the resultant juice. The juice from this recipe helps rejuvenate the body fast and is one on the best juices to drink on a hot day.

Recipe #3: The Watermelon Ginger Detox Juice


• 2 cups of fresh watermelon
• 1 cup of fresh strawberries or blackberries
• 1/2 cup of fresh lime
• ¼ teaspoon of ginger
• 1/2 cup of ice

This recipe yields up to a maximum of 2 servings

Besides cooling you down, the resultant juice from this recipe will also help you get rid of toxic waste from the body. The ginger in this recipe will warm you up while the watermelon will keep your body and skin hydrated.

Recipe #4: The Warrior Princess Juice


• 1 watermelon
• 1/2 wedge sized red cabbage
• 2 oranges
• 1/2 fennel

This juice yields up to a maximum of 3 servings

Cabbage is known to contain an assortment of vitamins and minerals and adding watermelon to this vegetable only makes the resultant juice much healthier. Cabbage is excellent at helping with weight loss and there is no better way to derive these benefits that taking the cabbage in its juice form.

Watermelon is touted as one of the most beneficial fruits, particularly due to the high water content which helps keep the body hydrated. While the fruit can stay in its fresh form for long, it is advisable that you use the firm fruits with a smooth skin for juicing. You are more likely to get the most nutrients and vitamins with a fresh and ripe watermelon.

Watermelon Rinds

So should you juice the rinds as well?  Here is an great video we found that shows you how to make the most of every bit of your watermelon.